7 Tips To Make Your Gifts Unforgetable

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7 Tips to Make Your Gifts Unforgettable – Have you decided what to give to your friend, mum, mother-in-law, or your lover? Or you still confuse what best to give, and make them know that they are always in your mind?

Here, 7 thing you need to think about before you choose what things to give.

Tip #1 – Think of the Gift Recipient First 
The first thing you need to think about is about the recipient. Whats the gender, what kind of person he/she is? Does he like animals or not, does she love dolls? What’s color he likes? And many more.

Tip #2 – Think of Yourself Second – 
A Gift Basket is a reflection of your personality, your tastes and your likes as well. Remember that he can know what kind of person you are with the gift you have given to him.

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Tip #3 – Include Something Personal You Have Made or Use Together 
You can add something homemade or something that you and the gift recipient have in common. If you are both golfers, add golf balls and your last score card (even if it wasn’t too good). If both of you like coffee, add something tasty about coffee. It will make him remember you every time he sees coffee.

Tip #4 – Choose a Unique Container
Why the gift shop always have something new, why would they added some unique containers? It is because they do not want to present something ordinary and people can guess the prices.

Tip #5 – Spice it Up –
If you have thought of the Gift Basket recipient, chosen a general theme, included a personal item and a unique container, it is time to spice it up. You know that what you give will represent yourself. You can add some items as your own trade mark. For example, if you like coffee, add something about coffee, and he will remember you as a “coffee girl”.

Tip #6 – Size Does Matter 
Remember that people usually judge a book by it’s cover. And so with the gift. People use to appreciate the gift from its size and look. In some cases, you might need to stack items to maximize the impact; for example, it is aesthetically pleasing to stack body soaps and lotions on towels or bath robes. You can also add bottle holders to wine bottles to fancy things up. If you find that the basket is a bit empty, you can add some less expensive items like crackers, cookies, bread, tea or a plush toy.

Tip #7 – The Internet is Your Friend 
Sometime you might got some troubles in looking for something, or a little more details on your basket. Try to find it online on your internet. You probably find something you need.

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